Hiking to Monte Rite (m. 2.183)

Monte Pelmo

Monte Pelmo

Updated on July, 15th 2021.

Monte Rite is an incomparable observation point in the Dolomites. The close-up view of Monte Pelmo is fascinating. Due to its panoramic position, during the Great War, it was chosen by the Italian Army as an artillery fort. From the Forts of Monte Rite the Italians shot cannonballs towards the Austro-Hungarian front stationed on the Tofane.

From war to peace: a new tourist destination.

Today the Fortress has been restored and inside it houses the Museum in the Clouds – Messner Mountain Museum, and, in adjacent rooms, the Rifugio Dolomites Monte Rite mountain hut (website in italian only, checked on July, 15th 2021).

Description of the Itinerary to Monte Rite

The climb can be done on foot, along the cart track that rises gradually or along the path that goes up through the woods.
You can also go up or come down with the jeep shuttle service that in just 20 minutes takes you to an altitude of 2000 meters (contact the Rifugio Dolomites Monte Rite hut for the cost of the jeep shuttle).

Museum in the Clouds – Messner Mountain Museum

The Museum in the Clouds, recently built, exhibits pictures of alpine landscapes, in Romantic style, from the late nineteenth century; some of the painters are: Rudolph Glotz, Franz Schwetz (his “Alpe di Senes” is beautiful), Nino Malfatti, Thomas Beecht …
It also contains three-dimensional models of the Antelao, Pelmo and Civetta mountains and some sections on the history of mountaineering, with images, original materials of the period and photographs.

What is the best situation? Weather advice

What’s the best day to climb to Monte Rite? Should I choose a particular time? Very often in the Dolomites in the afternoon, already from midday onwards, afternoon clouds form that can limit the beauty of the landscape. For this reason, we recommend planning the climb to Monte Rite in order to be at the top of the mountain by the end of the morning.

The Hike at a glance

Departure: from Forcella Cibiana col (1.536 m.), between the Boite valley and the Zoldo valley (click to view the starting point on google maps).
Arrival: 2.183 m., the top of Monte Rite.
Difference in altitude: 650 m..
Time: 1 hour and a half uphill (2 hours and a half with children).
Difficulty: easy.
Trails: 478, 479, besides the old military dirt track that climbs up to Monte Rite.
Maps: Sheet 16 – Dolomites of Central Cadore, published by Tabacco
Children: they walk, or stay in a child carrier backpack or in the stroller if you follow the dirt track instead of trails 478 and 479. It is also possible to book the shuttle jeep to go up or down.
Weather: see the forecasts on Dolomiti Meteo.
Last updated: May 2018.

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