Before a hike in the Dolomites consult the weather forecast of at least one of these three websites.

Weather forecasts from the Arabba and Teolo weather centres

Daily weather forecasts from the Weather Centres of Teolo (PD) and Arabba (BL), valid for the whole of the Veneto region and the Belluno Dolomites.

Weather report on the Dolomites and the Venetian Pre-Alps (also available in French and German).

Weather forecasts from the Autonomous Province of Trento

The weather forecasts from Trento are useful for the weather conditions in the western Dolomites. The radar image is interesting since it shows where it’s raining almost in real time.

Trentino weather forecast

Weather forecasts from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano

This site also offers information – almost in real time – of where it is raining and furthermore the map of where lightning has struck.
Weather report Bolzano